Loving Is Strong, People Pleasing Is Weak

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Physical and mental health is always a natural manifestation of spiritual health. In this setting, I specify spiritualism as our ability to recognize our soul’s needs and respond to them, to the best of our ability. Developing an inner relationship with our metaphysical self, has a broad impact on our relationship with everything else in this world. You may ask, why? That is because what is truly beneficial for this world wide community as a whole, is highly fulfiling to our soul besides. Many people have been falsely led to believe that our happiness must come at the expense of others. This is incorrect, and the mental confusion comes about when we are unable to tell apart between superficial happiness and deep, lasting happiness. The latter is a rare, gem in this world, and many people are befuddled on how to recognize and cultivate it. Cultivating soul gratification is the focal point of my mind body spirit work, because once achieved , physical and mental health take place effortlessly.

Developing a loving inner position towards all people and all circumstances in life, helps us to promptly see what areas of our life are nurturing to our soul, and which aspects are not. When we endorse our loving inner posture through both large and little actions and changes in life, we vote for deep inner fulfullment in our future. Being loving is a little tricky though. The primary point of this posting is to describe how being loving, is not the same thing as being a people pleaser and civil. This is a lesson that I have been getting to know the difficult way repeatedly. I have for a long time been a “people pleaser” and now realize how that is injurious. I anticipate that my experiences can help others navigate towards their own spiritual well being in the most efficient way.

Being nice and polite is a sign of spiritual weakness, whereas being loving is always an reflexion of metaphysical potency. As a reminder, spirituality is determined here, as that which is sustaining to the soul. When living in a spiritually strong state of being, an individual is content and cosy in their skin. They have a loving inner attitude . If a difference in opinions rise, they will openly acknowledge the problem, without a need to swing the other’s beliefs, and without fright of losing a friendship or a simple and easy relationship . They have all they need in the moment, and hence there is no need to impress others, or look for kudos. This individual loves to get the care of others and kudos from them, but they let it come by nature as compared to trying to get it.

With this agreement in mind, lets clarify some of the ways in which being a people pleaser is very different then being loving :.

1. Politeness can be used to manipulate others. We do it to get what we want from someone. In this way, we behave nicely to draw out a favor , kudos or for another predetermined reason. This is very different from being genuinely nice, without expectations.

2. People pleasing can be used to evade problems with someone. For example, we may use niceness to maintain a friendship with someone, when we don’t actually feel authentically nice. This is injurious to all involved. We are lying to ourselves and to others. We are putting our need for approval, above our innermost verity. We are being superficial and false. Even if the other individual does not know our true intentions, our lack of sincerity has an impact on the quality of the relationship , subliminally.

3. People pleasing can be used as a way to look better than someone else. We may act polite when we don’t really feel that way, so as to “one up” the other individual in a disagreement.

All of these reasons for being nice , are at odds with with our true metaphysical nature and hence come from a place of weakness. They are all false and used with a hidden intention. Engaging in them is dangerous to ourselves, and our surroundings. Allowing this behavior to go uncurbed, plants the seeds for malady and unhappiness. As our spiritual positivity grows, we may eventually find that there is no valid reason to compromise ourselves with such behavior , even if it may cost us our business or our acquaintance. If it does, then neither of them truly respected us. It is better for everyone in touch to let go of a superficial relationship , in favor of honesty. This cultivates a positive spiritual state of being which then creates lasting benefits in the wellness of our mind and body, and is contagious to those around us, often in an unuttered way. Learn more about how to cultivate truly spiritual, or God love in your life.

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