Do you allow your child to watch tv and movies that contain swearing?

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Abby asked:

Do you allow your child to listen to music that contains swearing? Also, do you allow them to watch movies that contain swearing or violence?
I’m talking about at a young age, my daughter is 5, so somewhere around her age. If you have a little one, what will you do when they are this age? I’m just curious as to where other moms draw the line with these things.

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12 Responses to “Do you allow your child to watch tv and movies that contain swearing?”
  1. notAminiVANmama Says:

    NOPE. I truely believe that your children will act in a mannor of their surroundings.

  2. Caity A Says:

    Well, I’m not a mother but when I was growing up my parents tried to avoid exposing me to swearing or violence. If a movie was on and it began to have a few bad words in it or show anything bad like violence or anything sexual my parents would tell us that that behavior was bad and turn it off. They would then replace it with a movie that they knew would be suitable. Obviously, all kids are going to be exposed to these things eventually, but I think it is best that they learn that they are inappropriate at an early age. I think if kids see people swearing on movies, they will learn to swear. No one likes to see a young kid swearing. You know? I hope I helped! Just if something bad comes on, I would make sure you let your daughter know that that is bad and then replace it with something good.

  3. April A Says:

    My daughter is 4 and my son is 17 months and we do not censor music and tv for them. Our son is still too young yet to understand what’s being said and our daughter knows which words are bad words and knows better than to say bad words. It’s the parent’s job to teach the kids right from wrong, you can’t just shelter them from the real world forever.

  4. Maya K Says:

    well at 5 then NO. but as and older age like middle school then swearing is hard to hide if they go to a publice school. movies voience isnt all that bad and to some people its the best part. so no voience or swearing till around middle school and even keep that at the minimum

  5. letterstoheather Says:

    I tried not to when my kids were growing up, but i’ve noticed that my kids’ children sometimes watch inappropriate things on TV.

    I had to laugh when my 6 year old granddaughter was watching Family Guy (terrible show) and she kept saying I just don’t get it!….. and i was thinking i don’t understand why your parents let you watch this.

  6. jlw78418 Says:

    Well at 5 i really tried to keep her from being able yo hear any swearing but by 6 she knew most of them and could spell then be for she was 7. when ever she was younger and someone said a word she should not say i would just tell her that is a ugly word and little kids should not say ugly words. she is 10 now ,

  7. xmasevebaby82 Says:

    I don’t intentionally allow my children to watch shows or movies which contain a lot of swearing or is the main dialogue, but I don’t see how it is completely avoidable anymore. I have taught my children which words are bad that they cannot say, so I don’t worry when shows contain a few swear words. I think what is considered a swear word depends on the family itself and your definition (ie. crap).

  8. Learner Says:

    Yeah, It is difficult to filter what the children can watch and what they can’t. Ideally, it is better not to watch these kind of movies in their presence, but how long can we keep them from this. It is better to teach them right from wrong. Also, avoiding it completely will rather increase their curiosity about it, i.e., if you suddenly put the movie off. I normally say, oh, this is boring, such violence, it’s bad and then change it for a while to something interesting.

  9. Sweetgrass Says:

    Im not big on tabooing WORDS
    words are expressive
    as long as we dont attack people with words
    its ok

  10. Bettina N Says:

    I am not a mom but I can provide information….
    I would not allow 1-8 or anybody younger than that it is to early to expose bad words while young they will have a habbit of saying it when they do get earlier if you do!Well if the movie has bad words my mom usually says not to say these words they are bad words XD
    The last question I cannot answer I am not a mom TT_TT

  11. Hallie. Says:

    Yeah, but if you catch HER saying swear words, punish her and let her know that those words are not meant to be said by young kids. Violence I would not recommend. It might teach them to be violent, which isn’t as easy to break as swear words.

  12. alexxdaviess Says:

    i am 13 and i have 6 brothers and sister, the youngest is a baby but my 3 yr and my 7 yr old sisters n my 5 and 1/2 yr old brother are allowed to watch anything they want. my parent don’t care what they watch :) . like me n my older brothers who are 14 and 15 and could be watching skins or an 18 certificate film and the younger ones are allowed to come and go, tammi(3) doesn’t rele pay attention to what we’re watchingg, she just comes in and out but Jaiden(5 and a half) and taylor (7) do sometimes watch, especially taylor. Also, when ever me(13), Tristen (14) or elliot (15) have a house party, we can play any music we like and the little ones are allowed to stay up until they basically falll asleep somewhere except for baby Caleb who is generally put to bed before the parties

    hope that helped :D
    alexx x

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