How to Get Paid to Test Video Games

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M Wilson asked:

The video game industry has exploded in the last decade. Video games are not just for kids and teenagers any more. More adults than ever and even seniors are now playing video games. The video game industry has exploded into a multi billion dollar industry in a very short amount of time and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Even in tough economic times video game sales keep growing. When people are laid off and stuck at home they need something to do. That’s just more demand for video games. After playing a game for a while it doesn’t take long before people have to have something better and most will find a way to buy the latest release.

This demand is so huge that video game producers are having a difficult time keeping up and hiring enough employees to meet the demand.  One of the easiest positions to get into in the video game industry is being a tester for new products. Often times when a game is released the programmers are in such a rush to make the deadline that they are sometimes released with bugs and errors. Because of this there is an increasing demand for people who are willing to get paid to test video games.

Testers who get paid to test video games are sent new releases free so they can play the games just like they would for their own entertainment. Then they log any problems they find and send the list to the company. Different people play games differently so some people may miss an error that another person might catch. And the programmers have had their heads buried in the program for months so they are not very objective and are likely to overlook a lot of things. So what the video game producers need is many testers who will play the game at home just like someone would do in the real world. Testing by average every day users playing at home provides a more real world experience where the errors are more likely to happen and less likely to be overlooked.

For people who love to play video games being a video game tester from home can be an excellent opportunity. Click the link below for more tips and ideas about how to get paid to play video games.

Get paid to test video games

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