Star Wars LEGO Bricks And LEGO People

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a href= target=_blankLEGO Star Wars Bricks/a have become one of the more popular lines of Star Wars LEGO Systems available today. Star Wars LEGOs are extremely collectible among LEGO builders and Star Wars collectors alike. The line of Star Wars movies have always been popular. When you add the Star Wars theme to a LEGO series you have an instant hit!br /
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Finding Star Wars LEGO Sets can sometimes be very difficult, expecially if LEGO has discontinued a Star Wars Set that you are looking for. LEGO has done a great job of putting together a theme of LEGO bricks that really bring to life the Star Wars Series of films. The original release of the Star Wars LEGO Sets came with the debut of the prequel to the original Star Wars movies, Star Wars Episode I. The LEGO Group released another series of the line with each new release of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. The LEGO Group has also released Star Wars LEGO themed Sets for each of the original Star Wars movies, so now you can own LEGO Sets for you favorite movies, from the Star Wars iA New Hope/i to iReturn of the Jedi/ /
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a href= target=_blankStar Wars LEGO Mini Figure People/a are an integral part of Star Wars LEGO Systems. Mini Figures have always been one of the more fun features included with LEGO Sets. The Star Wars line of Mini Figures are especially unique in that there are individual LEGO Mini Figures designed for each Star Wars LEGO Systems. Some Star Wars LEGO Systems include as much as 16 Star Wars LEGO Men! From Battle Droids to R2-D2 to Darth Vader himself, Star Wars LEGO Systems offer some of the most detailed, well built Mini Figures LEGO has to /
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Some Star Wars LEGO People are extremely rare and therefore valuable. One of these rare Star Wars LEGO Men is Jango Fett. Jango Fett is included in the Star Wars LEGO Set iJango Fetts Slave I/i 7153. This is a great example of a rare Star Wars LEGO Set that has been discontinued by LEGO and has become extremely collectible. Since it can be so expensive to own this LEGO set, some find it more important to just own the Jango Fett Star Wars Mini /
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Star Wars Mini Figures becoming popular is a common theme with discontinued Star Wars LEGO Sets. This makes any Star Wars LEGO People you own potentially valuable. These Mini Figures should only increase in value as The LEGO Group collectors continue to scoop these items up and hold /
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LEGO will continue to release Star Wars LEGO themed sets for as long as they are profitable. If history is any measure, it would be a good idea to collect these Star Wars LEGO Sets now while they are /
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What movies are directly about any Jane Austen books?

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SNichKit asked:

I don’t count Clueless or any other spin on any of her books. I want movies where they kept as close to the book as possible on details, such as the recent Pride and Prejudice starring Keirra Knightley. THANKS!

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