What are some really good horror movies?

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jl asked:

Horror movies are the best kinds of movies, but lately I’ve seen a handful of really lousy ones. I’m also pretty disappointed with how lots of movies these days are rated PG13 just so they can make more money. Preferably something supernatural as opposed to slasher-ish. :)

Video Games 101

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Stacey Day asked:

Many parents find it hard to determine which video games and consoles would be the right choice for their homes. They want to provide their youngsters with the latest multimedia platforms but want to make sure that the system is fully compatible with the type of games that should be played by children in the privacy of their own homes.

It is important for children to feel that they have the coolest video game systems among their peer group. While certain hours of the day are allotted to completing chores and doing a large amount of homework, these youngsters rely on video games to add spice to their otherwise hum drum day of scholastic pursuits.

With more than 9 multimedia platforms to choose from, parents prefer to invest in one game console, that they can invest their money wisely in providing their children with a large realm of entertainment opportunities. Video games are rated for their level of violence and are designated for different age levels as well.

There are Internet toy websites that provide parents with enough information to make their video games a wise purchase. These Internet toy stores provide information on the technical specifications, design specifications and multimedia functions that each game console system has and parents make their purchases based on this reliable information.

If the multimedia platform has wireless capabilities then parents might be more prone to purchase video games that can be networked through the vast Internet framework to allow their children the opportunity to link up with friends and play video games with friends online at the same time when they are in two or more city locations throughout the United States.

Many parents use the video games website information to track new releases to ensure that their child has the latest video games on the market. These game versions are used a rewards for doing a good job on a school project or achieving stellar grades on their report cards.

The multimedia consoles available for playing video games are the Game Boy Advance Micro, Wii, DS, Game Cube, Game Boy Advance SP, Play Station, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Xbox 360 and the Xbox. The video game cartridges for all of these units are displayed in living color, and are simple to load even for the youngest video games player in the home.

Some of the latest video games are extremely interactive with a video games player. The Wii features interactive visual motion coordination that can be extremely humorous at time. This ingenious gaming platform allows multi-players to enjoy all of the motions that are performed in a game of baseball, including swinging the bat and running to first base. Children who play this action packed video games version are definitely going to be tired by the end of the day.

Games can be played through the use of wireless controllers, turbo controllers, steering wheel add-on devices, and dance pads. All of these video games require player interaction and quick thinking skills. They can be used as learning tools to help a child improve their motor skills, and help mentally challenged children improve their memory and response levels.

Accessorizing Video Game Consoles: Cables, Headsets and More

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Mike Smith asked:

It’s 2008 and the gaming world has never looked better. Technological advancements are rapidly changing the way video games are played and experienced. With bold innovation, game developers are channeling the best in hi-tech electronics to deliver mind-blowing video game titles. In addition to the games, video game consoles are now a platform for entertainment in its many forms. Social networking and home theater technology has changed gaming consoles. As a result, video game consoles also come with a host of video game accessories that are not only important for chatting, watching movies or viewing photographs but also enhance game play.

Home theater entertainment is about hi-def and nothing less. HDMI is the new video game cable standard, set by Sony’s Play Station 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. Characterized by astounding picture quality, high definition games truly introduce virtual reality. Systems using older technology, like the Wii cables, aren’t really able to match the quality of a high definition signal. Nevertheless S-video cables, component cables and composite cables, which have all been used in the past, are integral to many video game consoles.

With the advent of multiplayer gaming through Xbox Live and, more recently, the Play Station Network, the need for gamer communication was heightened. A good gaming headset is essential for a ******** gamer when battling through a multiplayer environment. Keeping in touch with team-mates scattered across the globe is made much easier with a Bluetooth headset. The wireless advantage is obvious – clutter-free convenience. Handheld systems have long relied on headsets to provide the audio output to gamers. The Nintendo DS headsets and PSP headsets are sleek earphones with a microphone for social networking.

As games become longer and infinitely more complex, the need for a storage medium, that is, video game memory, has been felt. The early 8 MB memory cards for the Sony Play Station One have been replaced by 80 GB hard drives that use high speed SATA 2 technology. Multiple flash card readers that support a variety of formats are now the standard for video game consoles. The advantage of a built-in card reader is that the gamer can choose the best memory card, rather than be forced to use a proprietary one. Another advantage of removable storage is the expanded ability of the console to handle videos, photos and music. A memory card can be quickly and easily loaded from a computer, and the multimedia accessed anytime, anywhere. A variety of memory cards for various consoles e.g. GameCube memory card, PSP memory etc. are readily available in the market now-a-days.

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