How can I download full movies for free?

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G00D 80Y asked:

I wanna download full movies for free with good quality, but I don’t know how !!! I wan to know a website which permits me to download movies. Please tell me how.

G00D 80Y

Where do I find a machine that converts home movies to DVD?

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Photobug asked:

I am looking for a machine that can convert home movies to DVD. Does anyone know what such a machine would be called and where I can find one?

I know you can buy a machine that converts Records or Cassette tapes to DVD through the computer. I’m looking for something like that.
The computer programs sound great, BUT how do I get the content OFF the video and onto my computer!??

Isn’t there some sort of machine that plugs into my USB port?

What is the best way to go about downloading movies?

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Kim asked:

I hear people talking about downloading movies.. and I would like to do it.. What is the best site to use?

Is it legal to show public domain movies from a DVD?

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DeadMan asked:

The DVDs have a notice on them saying that you can’t, of course, but public domain movies are owned by the public. Do they really have the right to restrict you from using their copy of the movie? If so, then where did they get the movie from themselves?

What is a decent way to compress large Quicktime movies without compromsing quality?

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designerdude1974 asked:

I have these 50 MB home movies on my website that take forever for people to download. Sure, I can compress them down to a couple megs–as an mp4 or avi file–but then they look like crap! So what’s the best file compression format that preserves quality??

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