Who Plays Video Games?

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Daniel Smith asked:

With the great number of video games for sale and the huge variety of video games that are downloadable through the internet, it probably will not surprise you to learn that 60 percent of the American population has played some kind of video game. They are rivalling baseball as the great American pastime. Indeed, there are versions of baseball and NFL available as video games. Video games grew out of our fascination with computers and they are played by young and old alike. Video game playing is not limited to kids and teenagers, although children are starting to play video games at younger and more tender ages.

Nearly half of all American children aged 4 to 6 are estimated to have played video games, and a new market has sprung up to develop video games to involve toddlers and make computers more attractive for them to use. More attractive to children! Kids take to computers better than ducks to water, and stay connected for life. As of 2005, a quarter of the children in the aged four to six age group who have played computer games say it is a regular habit. The toddler, of course, cannot yet talk about their video game habits. But their parents report that children, especially boys have lost interest in playing with their traditional toys like action figures, Legos, and puzzles and prefer video games. However, kids are not the primary users of video games. Their parents played video games as children and teenagers.

We are now experiencing the phenomenon of second-generation video game players. Video games have been around since the 1970′s, clearly enough time for some third generation players to come upon the scene. Side to side, mouse to mouse with the kids are the adults who have never stopped playing or who began playing as adults. Adults represent the largest group of video game players and the average age of video gamers is 29. Certainly, the older generation has the good sense to avoid this costly, time consuming habit, you may think. Think again – 17 percent of gamers are 50 years of age and older. If this keeps up, retirement communities are no longer able to offer Bingo and Cribbage as recreational bonuses. The baby boom generation will head into its twilight years amid Dungeons and Dragons competitions.

The joy of mindlessly zoning out in virtual reality instead of actually doing something or speaking to someone is so compelling that video games are now a multibillion-dollar business. The video game companies often rival the stock exchange earnings of energy corporations and pharmaceutical companies. Nintendo often beats the earnings of major Hollywood studios. In 2004, 9.9 billion dollars was spent on video games, on consoles like PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube, and on hand-held systems like Game Boy and Nintendo DS in the U.S. alone. Of course, America is the leader in video game retail but the rest of the world is far behind, making video game stocks a hot commodity. But no one is interested in “playing ” the stock market anymore; they’re all to busy playing video games.

All About Video Games

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Dana Bradley asked:

Many kids across the country are enthralled with their new video games that they received as Christmas presents from family and friends. These children need very little instruction to help them get started playing fun and exciting video games that focus on sports events, fantasy thrillers and cartoon characters to provide hours of uninterrupted entertainment opportunities.

Some of these video games can be used on home computer systems but for the most part, these video games are operated on handheld game consoles, multimedia consoles or multimedia platforms. There are a variety of handheld controllers that are attached to the gaming consoles using cords or are powered with wireless networking technologies that allow children to play a video game from anywhere in the room.

The Xbox 360 multimedia platform is one of the latest operating systems for playing video games on. It features a game playing environment that allows the user to rotate their viewpoint in a 360 degree radius, and the visual aspects in each video game is very realistic for even the most seasoned of video game players.

Some video games are compatible for use on other gaming systems. The Nintendo Wii game system will play single or double-layered optical discs or 8-centimeter Nintendo GameCube video games too. The Game Boy Micro will play all video games that are made for the Game Boy Advance SP models.

The Nintendo DS has the capability to allow up to 16 players to network together and enjoy the same video game action and chat with each other as they enjoy their video games. The Nintendo DS will also play all games currently used by the Game Boy Advance and those made specifically for the Nintendo DS game system.

The Sony PlayStation Portable is commonly called a PSP by video gamers all over the world. This handheld video game system serves double duty as a video game player and one that will serve as a portable video and photo viewer. MP3-encoded songs can also be played when they are stored on the Memory Stick Duo that comes with all game consoles.

The Xbox features unbelievable graphics and an amazingly powerful hard drive system that some people compare to the hard drives found in their own personal computer systems that they have at home. Many of the XBOX video games are suitably rated for Teen and Mature audiences, and some of them may contain very graphic violence and adult themes that are not suitable for viewing by children.

The Xbox can be used as a home entertainment system too. The Xbox is well equipped to play many musical compact disks that are sold at major retailers around the country with brilliant sound qualities that might be found in more expensive home entertainment systems. The family can enjoy DVDs of their favorite movies and build a home library that is second to none.

Many of these game systems are equipped with wireless technologies and feature USB 2.0 connectivity. Video games can be played with surround sound features or through built-in speakers on many of the video gaming consoles. These video games will be shown in vivid digital screen colors and in sizes that are perfect for traveling, or for use by many players when attached to a home television unit.

Why are movies so popular when it comes to the weather changing?

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SF_BABY asked:

I am going to the mall on Monday and Thursday and I am wondering why movies are so popular when its stormy, rainy, or when it snows out.

Download Video Games! The Game Is On, And The World Is Waiting

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William Parise asked:

Not trying to reveal my age, but I remember the day when video games were introduced and how excited I was playing the first version of games available. I barely could make out the choppy looking characters and graphics, but I didn’t care, it was technology in the making that later in life showed me how much we have evolved in the video game market.

Moving forward into the new millennium, it’s brought about many exciting changes for the video game industry. It’s a great feature to be able to conveniently download your favorite games from the Internet right to your computer, and in my opinion, it has changed the face of gaming like I have never seen before!

Gamers from all over the world can click a few buttons and before you know it, the game of your choice is downloaded to your computer in minutes! Depending on how fast your Internet service is, and the speed of your computer, in most situations you can get games downloaded in a matter of seconds, and then you can play them immediately.

Challenge Video Game Players From All Over The World, And Who Knows Maybe From Beyond As Well!

Imagine playing other game enthusiasts that has access to these online games worldwide. This is another exciting option for you in this day and age of Internet gameplay! You and other players from all over the world can compete in the same video game no matter where you live on this planet! This is a great way to challenge yourself and others, plus meet great friends from other countries.

Downloads online are available through specialty gaming sites that let you to sign up and get access to start downloading and playing once you’re a member. This concept provides an exciting and competitive multiplayer environment for the video game enthusiasts.

When A New Game Title’s Released, You Can Be The First To Experience Them Online Before You Buy!

When many game releases that hit the stores for Nintendo, Playstation, and Gamecube, and many of the other major game platforms, you just don’t know what you’re getting in a game. The packaging looks good, the advertisements entice you to buy them, but when you start to play the video game you purchased, you may realize it was all hype and no substance.

This is another great feature when you download and play games online, you have an opportunity to play the latest and new video game releases, and this allows you to determine if you would like to purchase the select game or not. You can purchase and keep the ones you enjoy, and the games you don’t, you save time by not having to go back to the store and try to get your money back.

If game playing is high on your list of favorite things to do, and you have access to a computer and Internet, consider downloading your favorite games to play, and experience the convenience and unique features that our new world of technology has given us.

Playing Video Games Using A Wireless Headset

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Victor Epand asked:

The wireless headset allows video gamers the ability to chat with other players while playing their video games on-line without ever having to worry with another troublesome wire getting in their way of play. This makes the interactive video gaming experience take on a much more extreme level for gamers all over the world.

Purchasing a wireless headset for any video gaming system will add to your gaming experience and give you the ability to chat with other players all over the world. A wireless headset also keeps your hands free to concentrate solely on the video game itself. Be sure to choose a wireless headset that will be comfortable, because as any serious gamer knows once they start playing a video game it is truly hard to stop.

Many wireless headsets that are being manufactured for the market today have an ergonomic design so that the headset can easily be switched from one ear to the other. This is highly important during long periods of play so that one ear does not start bother the gamer during game play. Most of these wireless headsets also come with at least two sizes of ear grips, which will assist the wireless headset in fitting much more securely.

Another wonderful aspect about these wireless headsets are that they can be used during game play over long periods of time before having to be recharged. In fact, some wireless headsets will allow gamers to play for up to eight hours straight before having to be recharged and then it will only take four hours to completely recharge it. So far designers have not created a wireless headset that can be charged while being used, so that is a down side to these wireless headsets. These wireless headsets will also loose their charge when they are not in use, so it is important to keep them plug up when not using them.

The video gaming industry is constantly growing and manufactures, developers, and designers are constantly trying to discover what will make the video gaming experience more entertaining to video gamers. The wireless headset has become one of the most popular accessories on the market for any video gaming system thanks to the wonderful quality of these wireless headsets that are being produced. Many of the wireless headsets being manufactured for the market today have superior audio quality so video gamers to not have to worry about static when communicating with other gamers.

Wireless headsets give video gamers the ability to interact with other players with wonderful advancements in technology. Some video gaming systems have the capability to handle up to four wireless headsets connected to their console at any given time, which is important when friends get together to play each other in hand to hand combat in some type of war game or go toe to toe in against one another on the track. What ever the passion of the gamer is the wireless headset makes playing video games more exciting by far.

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