If movies are based on a series of photo frames moving rapidly, how come you can shoot movies at night?

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Mrmojo6068 asked:

When you take photos with digital cameras at night, it may take 20-30 seconds (or more) to take a photo. I don’t understand how you can shoot movies with darkly lit scenes if each shot (frame) takes longer to shoot. Why do the rules of photography not apply to movies if movies are based on photography? Thanks!!!

When will the Grindhouse movies by Tarantino-Rodriguez be released on DVD in the Philippines?

Philippines 3 Comments »
Purple Tactics asked:

You know… Planet terror and Death proof Double feature movie?

I know they will release these two movies separately (which ***** completely) but will they be released at the same time? And when?

What is fastest way to burn Divx Movies ?

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Kyle P asked:

At the moment I burn 700MB Divx movies to DVD via MAGIX Movie Creator, it all works great, any program I use, but it is all so SLOW. There must be a way to quickly put Divx movies to DVD to play in a standard DVD player.

Movie day with my boyfriend, list of good movies pleeease?

Salary Levels 8 Comments »
Shara R asked:

Me and my boyfriend (16) are going to have an all day movie day at my house on friday since we dont have skool and we need a list of some good movies please.

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