How do you put movies on an iPod?

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Shari J asked:

I’ve had my 30gb video iPod for a year now and I still never figured out how to put movies or television shows on it. I know you need a movie converter or some sort of program to transfer them to your iPod. Where can I get this? Are there any websites that allow me to do this?

What are some good free programs that convert movies to psp?

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Josh D asked:

Im trying to convert movies i downloaded to my psp but the program i have now has the web address right in the middle of the screen after it converts it. Are there any free programs where there isn’t something writtne across the middle of the psp screen?

How do you get free movies on your ipod?

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Bfaustt asked:

So i have an ipod video and limewire and everything but i dont know how to get movies and tvshows on my ipod. they dont drag and drop like the songs do. I want a lot of movies and i dont wanna keep buying them from itunes. does anyone know how i can do this? thanks (=

Gameyeeeah Announces Reports on Video Game Accessories in China

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gameyeeeah asked:

Gameyeeeah, professional video game accessories wholesaler dropshipper, announces reports on video game accessories in China today.

video game accessories market grows very fast in China. People are still keen on playing video game even in this chilly economic recession winter, so there exist a very huge demand in video game accessories market.

“This phenomenon is very unusual, and we called it ‘Anti-economic recession phenomenon’” Frankwang said, “Our video game accessories selling remains stable in the past 2008. This makes us spend time on researching video game accessories in China”

There are three main reasons on Chinese video game accessories according to Gameyeeeah’ report.

A great variety of video game accessories. This is the main reason. People can find accessories of Nintendo DS Lite to the newest PSP3000. There are so much choice to select. You do not need to worry about that you can not find the suppliers. In contrast, the real problem for you may be that how to select a good supplier.

Cheap video game accessories. Cheap labour force, cheap land… All cheap Cost of manufacture lead Cheap video game accessories in China.

Creativity. Cheap video game accessories do not mean poor creativity. ” We sell OEM video game accessories on Chinese people are very creative that they can make out any accessories for video game at you inquiry.” Frankwang said, “We called this creativity as ‘Shanzhai Spirit’”

“We keep offering our customers the best video game accessories in the near future as we are now standing on the word’s biggest video game accessories wholesale market-China” Frankwang added finally with a big smile on his face.

Video Games And Your Child

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Taisha Grant asked:

There are video games that can be played on multimedia consoles in the home, or on a home personal computer system. The formats of these video games may be rated for an entire family to view, or the video games may be labeled strictly for play by people over the age of 21. These Mature rated video games contain graphic violence, and may contain lewd language and graphic content.

Before a parent invests more than $30 on any given video games collection, they may choose to rent several video games for their child to play to see which ones are a true delight, and which video games will be ignored after just a short time. Some video games are offered in collector’s series in decorative tins, and are cherished by all children who view them as a status symbol.

Many children think that their popularity at school is based on the number of video games that are in their collection, and the number of multimedia entertainment consoles they have in their home. There are several handheld models that are viewed as very desirable for youngsters because of their portability and compact features.

Many of the video games for the handheld game consoles require daily interaction with pets, and failure to participate on a day-to-day basis might cause people to move out of town because nobody is interested in them. This form of game play teaches children to keep appointments and remind them that there are people in the world that do count on them on a day-to-day basis.

The imaginary friends that some video games feature can make up for friends and pals that a child does not have in their real life. Children learn to repair their own self-esteem by making contributions to the games that are truly unique for their character. A gift of a fish is a big thing in some hand held games, and the gift of a new dresser can brighten a young girl day better than blue sky and rays of sunshine could ever hope to accomplish.

The competitive spirit of children learning to adapt in the real world, can be safely contained within the small cubicles of visual space provided in many handheld game console models. Children can use video games to teach themselves how to play basketball, football, and learn what it takes to be a competitor in a World Series Playoff.

As a child progresses through many experience levels in video games, their characters are not the only ones that grow strong. Children learn to make quick decisions, and manipulate screen data to make shots that are typical of a seasoned football or basketball player at a college or university level school.

These athletic achievements might seem quite small and insignificant to an adult, and generally are. Until the parents take the time to try and maneuver through course after course, they do not actually realize how hard some of those movements are, and think that many of the moves are unattainable. Savvy game players will quickly add salt to the wound. Parents must sit back quietly while their children beat them soundly with very few moves required in the entire game process.

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