Draw Up A Future With Video Game Design

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Andy West asked:

If there is one area that technology has enhanced by leaps and bounds it is the world of video game design. With stunning effects and graphics, video games are more popular than ever. Just when it seems they can’t get any better, something comes along that allows them to continue to amaze and astonish many with lifelike detail and captivating features.

Those who enter this field not only love video games but also have a great respect for all that goes into creating them. Behind every great game there are a number of elements that work together to create a mind-blowing end product. A lacking in any one of these elements can mean the difference between a game that flies off the shelves and a game that barely makes it off the clearance rack.

More than anything, video game design consists of teamwork. From concept to finished product, individuals trained in graphic design, computer animation, marketing and public relations are only a few of the job titles associated with this type of career. Each has their own various skills that are not only beneficial but also crucial to the production of video games.

As the popularity of technology and video games skyrocket with no end in sight, many educational institutions have begun offering courses in video game design and animation. Students can learn how to create games, develop software, use animation mathematics and master coding languages. These state of the art skills provide a well-rounded education in order to prepare one for a career in the real world of video games.

The amount of high tech skills in this field is likely to require a Bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for basic entry-level positions. A Bachelor’s degree will give the fundamental knowledge of the field and can require as little as three years to obtain. With time and experience, one can then move up and branch out on their career path with further education.

With a Master’s degree one will not only have high-level software programming and design under their belt but the ability to oversee the coordination of large productions. While the head of a division faces large responsibilities and challenges, their training gives them all the skills they need to effectively handle the development process from start to finish. It is a career that is highly challenging but just as satisfying and rewarding.

Those with degrees in video game design can count on a good starting salary that only gets stronger with time and experience. The more skills under one’s belt, the better their income will be. Employers in the video game industry are always looking to be the best and can only do so by hiring those with the top skills.

As technology constantly evolves this field in and out of different phases, one must have a flexible personality that can roll with the inevitable changes. It is also a field that is competitive, requiring individuals to have a winning attitude. Because of the amount of computer programming that is involved, a person interested in this field can expect to update and learn new skills on a regular basis.

Those interested in video game design have the benefit of knowing theirs is a career choice that shows no sign of slowing down. As new technologies combine, individuals in this vocation have the very opportunity to be at the forefront of shaping part of a population’s culture. Despite the fact that video games have become a billion dollar industry, elements of video game history have managed to become a unique reflection of the times and the world we live in.

What are your favourite post apocalyptic novels and movies?

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Tripper asked:

Ok well I’ve always loved post apocalyptic media, and was wondering what the favourites are of some other people in this genre? I thought McCarthy’s The Road was absolutely amazing, and 28 days later is one of my favourite movies easily (but the sequel was way too overdone). I would even like to hear of some old classic books, I loved Earth Abides by George Stewart.

Video Game Testing for Profits

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Ernest Kent asked:

Video game testing can be fun and profitable. Do to the massive growth in the video game industry; they need video game testers. Companies will pay up to $80 an hour for your help in testing video games.

The requirements of video game testing are you have to have a video game system or PC to test the video games and you have to be 15 years or older.

Here is how it works:

1. You have to find a video game testing job. Finding a video game testing job can be difficult, unless you have a friend that tests video games. Once you get in to video game testing, if you fail to complete an assignment you will lose your job.

2. Get the assignment and video game to test. The company that wants you to test the video game will send you the game and a form that you fill out after you are done testing the video game. The form normally wants to tell them of any glitches or mistakes in the game. When you are done with the form, send it back to the company.

3. Go to your mailbox and get your check. Normally it will take two weeks after you send in you are assignment to get your check. In addition, some of the companies let you keep the video game you tested.

I hope this article was insightful on the video game testing industry. The pay as a video game tester is rather good. If you like to play video games all day long, why not get paid for it?

Working as a video game tester, you can earn up to $80 an hour to test new video games on your PC or Video game console

Rent Video Games- Save Yourself Time and Money

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John Hinkle asked:

The ability to rent video games from home without leaving the house has always been a true dream of mine. Not only does renting video games online keep you busy, but it can be very satisfying knowing you can rent as many titles as you want at anytime and generally receive them within a day or two.

Here are some Video Game Rental Statistics you might find interesting: •”U.S. consumers spent $633.6 million renting video games in 2001, and a record-breaking $6 billion buying video game software (including PC software).”

But why are people renting video games instead of buying? I guess I can’t say gamers are not buying video games. “The U.S. computer and video game software sales grew four percent in 2004 to $7.3 billion — a more than doubling of industry software.”

But why rent games? I would estimate that people rent for 4 primary reasons. 1.The convenience 2.Its cheaper 3.Able to test games 4.Time sensitive

Convenience is truly a luxury worth having these days. People are looking for ways to save time and effort. Everything these days has to be fast and easy. Online video game rental companies provide that and much more. First of all and most important they deliver the game right to your front door. No more wasting your gas going to your favorite rental store, only to find out that the game you wanted is no longer available and won’t be available until you make that drive again. Gas is too expensive these day, who wants to spend all that money driving to a video store when you can easily accomplish the same task on your home computer?

Second of all it’s simple alot cheaper. The average video store charges from $4.00 to $6.00 dollars per video game rental. That could get expensive, specially if you’re renting numerous titles per week. Most of the well known game rental clubs like GameFly, Gottaplay, Intelliflix and RentZero only charge $12.95 to $19.95 per month for unlimited video game rental. So let’s say you rent 2 titles per week at the local video store. That equal around $30.00 dollars per month compared to $12 to $13 dollars per month with the online alternative. This is a large savings at the end of the month.

Now here is the greatest part. Have you ever purchased a video game and just hated it. You can’t just return the game, you’re stuck or you have to exchange it in for store credit. So you just have to **** it up and move on to the next game, which might not live up to your standards. Renting video games online gives you the chance to test the game first before you purchase. The companies will even allow you to purchase the games at discount rates and just keep the game if you enjoy it that much.

You can keep the games as long at you like just pay the monthly fee. If you want to play 6 to 7 games a month or more you can just pay the one time monthly fee and be done with it. You don’t even have to pay for postage. That’s a deal that I can get use to.

How do I get movies onto my Ipod?

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Raven52 asked:

I have tried this before and was pretty much unsuccessful except the last time I did it. The movie I want to get on my Ipod is Saving Private Ryan. It actually registered into my Movies list in ITunes, but there was one problem; I only got the video not the audio. How do i get both the audio and video onto the same converted DVD? Does anyone know of a converter out there that is free and will convert the entire video?

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