Who Qualifies to work with EasyFundraisers.org

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EasyFundraisers.org provides a simple fundraising service that is new and innovative! To ensure an organization if you would like to do business with EasyFundraisers.org in securing donations of scrap gold, silver and platinum jewelry they must have a 501(c)(3) status with the Irs. There are many types of non-profit organizations that have this status; one of the most common are listed below: Business Leagues, Employee Benefit Associations and Funds, Fraternal Societies, Labor and Agricultural Organizations, Social or Recreational Clubs, Social Welfare Organizations, Veterans Organizations, Religious Organizations and Educational Institutions.

The reason EasyFundraisers.org works with organizations that have this status is simple – under this code the organizations have multiple benefits that are forwarded to donors and the people the non-profit helps support or represents. Organizations that have a 501(c)(3) status need not pay a federal income tax on the monies they receive. This means donations go further in their organization. In addition, they’re able to offer donors a tax deduction for their contributions. After weeks of getting bids from print companies and mailing houses EasyFundraisers.org has finally begun to receive our materials and the process of packaging and preparing them for mailing has started! We cannot begin to tell you how much fun EasyFundraisers.org had affixing NCCF’s logo to an array of zip lock bags! Typically the best fundraisers and easy fundraisers are those that are simple to implement, organize, and get a large roi. That’s why it is a great idea to utilize EasyFundraisers.org, our method of fundraising is zero-cost, and zero-hassle for non-profits. Not to mention the potential for returns are great and we do all the work!

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