Discover Which Celebrities Used Affirmations To Accomplish Their Success

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Affirmations have been popular amongst those looking to improve their lives or attitude for many years (see – ) . Affirmations are used with the intention of changing negative thought patterns into positive, valuable ones.

There are numerous benefits to using affirmations; to begin with, the words that we use are a powerful tool for creating the life that we wish to lead. Have you ever been told something so frequently, that before long, you come to believe it as truth? The language that we use to describe ourselves and the world we live in – for example, beautiful, ugly, abundant or lacking – whether true or not are the words that our subconscious comes to accept as fact. For that reason, you unknowingly attract a reality to fit.

Where your mind goes, your reality will follow; celebrities too have been known to credit their success to this belief (see – Will Smith law of attraction ). Many celebs have in recent years come forward to attribute the Law of Attraction and positive thinking for their achievements. Or more simply put – that the lives we lead spring from what we put out into the world, a result of the energies and attitudes that we harbour.

Here are just examples of some of the largest celebs today to credit the law of attraction and positive affirmations for their success:

Oprah Winfrey: Since 2007 Oprah has been openly talking about the Law of Attraction with her television audiences, sharing the belief that your world is what you’re making it. In an interview with host Larry King, Oprah said ‘You really can change your own reality based on the way that you think.’

Will Smith: Actor Will Smith is well-known for his high energy, positive attitude which has helped him to become one of the highest paid actors of today. In many interviews Smith has discussed his view, that we’re all limitless beings. In one specific interview, Smith discusses the value of just knowing what it’s that we want. He believes that it is as simple as that – decide what it is that you want and the universe will make this happen for you.

Jim Carrey: Famous comedian Jim Carrey, has often spoken of his enthusiasm to share the astonishing story of his rise to fame. His story is a well-known one; Carrey wrote a cheque out to himself to the sum of 10 million dollars. He kept the cheque with him at all times, frequently visualising the many things that he would do with that money. By 1995, Carrey was paid for his first big movie role – making him wealthy enough to cash in a 10 million dollar cheque. He’s since been a big advocator of the Law of Attractor and the power of the mind.

For more information on the Law of Attraction and affirmations, see forum .

Family Traditions You Should Start Observing

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Fun Family Traditions To Observe Are family traditions necessary? People in their teen years may say they’re not but those who are older and wiser know better. More than paving the way for the creation of unforgettable memories, these rituals actually unite families and make them happier. So, do not forget to incorporate traditions into your family. Basically, there are many different traditions families currently observe. Below are some examples of rituals your family can adopt. Have family dinners. Eat meals together daily or set a definite day wherein you all dine together. This activity might seem simple but no one said traditions need to be grand or extraordinary. These dinners are opportunities for you and other members of the family to update one another. Have an annual family photo shoot at a highly recommended photography studio. This activity would not just let your family bond but also acquire a number of beautiful family portraits. If possible, come up with different themes every year to make your photographs (and shoot) exciting and extraordinary. Also, make sure you entrust the job to a trusted photo studio in Singapore. This is because a reputable photo studio is certainly going to deliver excellent photos and first-rate service. Go on family vacations. Pick a season or a holiday wherein the entire family would regularly go on a trip. Most families engage on this activity during the summer when children are on school break. Remember, for this tradition, the vacation does not have to be a grand one. It can simply be a visit to a local beach resort or a trip to your hometown. Have a birthday celebration tradition. Some families see to it that birthdays are always celebrated with cakes while others make it a habit to have birthday dinners. Basically, the choice is yours as to how you like to commemorate this occasion in your family. Your options are vast and it is just a matter of choosing one which perfectly suits your family. Those mentioned above are just some of the numerous family traditions you can adopt. Actually, you may even create a ritual that your family can call its own! For related articles on family photography or visit

How to Have a Princess Party From Your Back Yard

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Fairy party ideas are great for virtually any young girl who enjoys to dress up in fairy costumes with wings, magical wands and little crowns. Nothing will be more exciting for a litttle lady than to have her party space modified into a fairyland with characters and equipment from a enchanting Disney film. Consequently, you may choose to prepare a fairy princess party to take your little girl on an charming voyage to a magical fairyland on her upcoming birthday.

Plenty of people dread the thought of planning children parties, mainly because they should take the responsibilities as the host and ensure that an enthusiastic group of youngsters is kept entertained. Nevertheless, you may discover exceptional girls party ideas to plan a stress-free birthday celebration for your tiny princess.

Ideas to Prepare Magical Fairy Parties for young girls

When preparing a fairy party, the first step would be to choose one of the Disney princesses or any other princess character for the party theme. There’s no doubt that your little girl will adore any of these characters, particularly if you add interesting party games, arrangements plus a extraordinary cake which is decorated to match the princess theme. Just ensure that the party theme includes fairy activities, games, dance and song so that the girls can make fairy dust and wands.

For the princess party arrangements, you can utilize glitter and tulle to create canopies   and illuminate the party room with pink, yellow and white Christmas lights. Make use of colors like pinks, yellows, blues and greens. You could cover up one side of the wall with a life-size mural of fairy princesses and decorate other spots in the room with tissue paper wings and flowers. The table settings, plates, cups together with other accessories really should match the party theme.

Fairy parties also look wonderful with awesome crafts including pillows. You can obtain small pillows identical to the sachet kinds that most individuals put in drawers to add scent to their clothing. These are generally produced from pretty linens, lace, printed quilt and velvet materials.

Don’t forget to incorporate fairy inspired games to your party plan. Some of the well-liked ideas for games contain pin the wings or wands on the fairy, treasure hunt, tooth fairy or musical chairs. You may also arrange an activity region where the guests can make little princess tiaras or insert shades to their own fairy wand or pillowcases.
Prepare eye-catching fairy inspired party food, cake and refreshments to fit the style. Some fast and simple choices include finger sandwiches cut in various shapes to look like fairy wings, fruit kabobs, cupcakes with moon and star shapes, cupcakes with glitter sugar and sparkling fruit punches.

Fairy tale princess party tips are usually perfect for birthday celebrations. Therefore, arrange a sensational fairy party to make your young girl feel like a princess on her special day.

Fit From Home

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“I don’t have any time.” Maybe you’ve found yourself offering that response upon being asked if you workout? Or you’ve muttered it to yourself in frustration as you tried to figure out how to squeeze a few trips to a fitness club every week into your hectic schedule.

It’s unfortunate that demanding careers and childcare often result in expanding waistlines as less time is available for exercising. The reality is, a gym quality workout can be attained from home but most peopledon’t know what to do. With a set of dumbbells as well as an exercise ball or a bench, a countless number of exercises can be performed without ever leaving your house. Is your objective fat loss or cutting down ? Then you’ve got to be thinking, “I need some form of cardio machine don’t I?” The answer is no.

Then, with limited time and with nothing more than your own bodyweight and a pair of dumbbells, how can you lose weight and get toned? The most effective way to accomplish this goal is to train with a high intensity by applying a mixture of explosiveness, speed and power to your regular workout WHILE minimizing rest periods. The fundamental idea would be to train with your heart rate as elevated as possible (without compromising proper exercise technique) which induces maximum fat loss. And, since the workout incorporates weight lifting (rather than traditional cardio), an increase in muscle results which causes an even greater overall fat loss effect.

Obviously, program design and proper execution are a must for a successful quest to transform one’s body. The easy part is going out to purchase the dumbbells, floor mat and bench, but then what should you do from there? Some people seek out the internet for guidance. Sure, there is undoubtedly a wealth of free information regarding fitness online, but that doesn’t mean that what somebody claims has worked for them is appropriate for you.

To begin with, the net doesn’t know your existing fitness level and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Trying a random workout program is often a recipe for injury, failure, or both. Therefore, a smart place to start is by employing a competent in-home personal trainer that can assess your overall level of fitness and prescribe an exercise regimen accordingly. A trained fitness professional will assist you in achieving your objectives as quickly as possible while minimizing the potential of injury. Your golf game would become a whole lot better under the guidance of a coach versus winging it on your own wouldn’t you say? The same principle applies to working out .

If maintaining a healthy physique is important to you and time is a scare commodity, an in-home personal trainer is the ally you need to ensure that your fitness goals are realized without compromising your day-to-day obligations. And if time is really scarce, remember that the exercises you’ll learn can be done at work too. So if you just can’t get to a gym, don’t fret; there are other ways … But whatever you do, don’t turn your back on your health!

Tourism Trend Setters – Attractions That Create Vacation Memories And Revenue

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Global tourism is obtaining back on track and all indications are displaying a return to getaway night stays at beachfront hotels and fractional ownership around the planet. Once once again the business is grappling using the age old questions of customer engagement and trip memory creation branded to resort properties.


“It’s a no brainer for us,” says Dave Taylor Director of Development at Reef Worlds, an L.A primarily based underwater style and improvement firm.


“There’s an estimated 500,000 square miles of accessible ocean front sitting proper off key stream hotel chains and fractional ownership resorts  that no one has built any engagement with. The resorts who personal these spaces still consider the higher tide mark their responsibility. The finish result are waterfront spaces that no one desires to snorkel on, or dive on, worse yet spaces that wildlife, (the explanation folks engage with all the water), are leaving due to environmental neglect.”


Dave Taylors design and make team are avid water users and have traveled extensively around the globe to learn the state of resort waterfronts in 2012 and their report was not fairly. “We identified old tires, garbage, sand bottoms, broken coral, and wildlife that was barely hanging on. In brief not a spot you’d need to grab a snorkel kit and go explore and these had been five Star developments and time share properties .”


Reef Worlds resolution is easy. Take the concept of an artificial reef,  generally rock tailings, rip rap, and or concrete shapes that had no tourism value and fundamentally redesign the idea to make whole worlds underwater for tourism and wildlife. Reef Worlds harnesses 5000 years of human style components using a touch of Hollywood magic to deliver underwater experiential websites that capture and hold mass tourism inside a resort developments personal footprint even though developing a haven for regional wildlife.


They may be also created as revenue generators in the day they may be placed with on website.


Tourism Revenue 101


“Snorkel rentals have some compelling numbers behind them. A common snorkel set rents for $20-30USD a day, and at just one hundred sets a day you are taking a look at close to a million dollars in income generation for the resort. Add to that habitat creation using the improve of bio mass and colorful fish to your waterfront. However the Holy Grail of Reef Worlds would be the newly branded trip memories for the clientele and their whole family inside a way that is definitely virtually maintenance totally free. Attempt receiving all that from a land primarily based water park.”  resort developer


Reef Worlds is in style and make stage with numerous 20 acre waterfront web-sites with web site openings in tandem with new developments at the finish of 2014 and 2015.


“We’re breaking each and every tourism paradigm there is right now with Reef Worlds. Tourism is coming back within a massive way and today’s client is not the exact same a single we saw in 2007, they may be networked, social media savvy, and want experiential adventures they could share quickly with pals. They also want a return to wildlife engagement and that’s a thing we’re helping with one particular unique and iconic underwater internet site at a time.”


When you Construct It


Habitat creation is significant for regional wildlife. Quite a few resorts worldwide are suffering from comprehensive habitat loss underwater. Reef Worlds builds the sort of large structures that attract soft coral growth, herbivorous fish, and schooling fish species. Reef Worlds design teams also employ marine biologists and fish ecologists to design and style underwater worlds that also act as instant habitat creation.


“The next decade is going to be all about who has the capability to produce an emotional connection with their client base. Right after all, one particular beach is the similar because the next beach and you may only add numerous swimming pools and land primarily based attractions ahead of you commence running out of space. Our message is basic, start creating underwater and learn how easy it can be re-engage your clientele and get them to utilize social media to spread the word about your resorts.”


About Reef Worlds


In the intersection of art, science, and the environment  is Reef Worlds. When a unique group of film and television designers, dive internet site developers, and marine biologists got collectively they dreamt of a better strategy to knowledge the undersea realm.


The outcome was Reef Worlds.

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