Metaphysical Physiology of Kriya Pranayama

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Kriya Pranayama is the most important of all techniques of Kriya Yoga. In this chapter, we have a look on the physiology of this sacred technique. How Kriya Pranayama affects or ameliorates the quality of your metaphysical body, i.e. causal body, mental body, astral body. Naturally if your light-bodies bring up their vibe, your physical body can be affected accordingly. Diksha – initiation – to the sacred technique of Kriya Yoga, including the full details on how to perform Kriya Pranayama. Kriya Yoga is called a “scientific method of self fulfillment “. Scientific, because it can be exercised by anyone and if precisely done, everyone will achieve the exactly same outcomes: oneness with God and self realization . This chapter does in no way comprise an initiation to this sacred technique. This post shall only be limited to the consequences of Kriya Pranayama on your light-body. The description of the literal technique shall be received from a genuine guru or as a direct gift of Passion from Supreme Being to you. This article however shall help all interested and all those of you who have obtained diksha to better be aware of the technique and its result. In a later chapter we shall also have a look at the physiology of Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga. A Kriyayogi Kriya Yoga practitioner) strains for God-Union and self realization . He therefore is ripened to perform precise techniques, conform his living to God’s heavenly principles of life (spiritual laws) and to acquire God Love toward everyone, humen , animals, the entire cosmos. Though he is ready to : Devote himself – his entire life – to our Creator. And learns to handle all spiritual challenges and solve all difficulties of life with Divine assistance from God. Retire from any form of fighting in career, among friends and recreation, in his mind, feelinngs and actions as well . Conduct a life plan in accordance with the First and Great Amendment of God – the amendment of passion. He is willing to conduct a life in harmony with all necessary rules to become a full manifestation of Divinity even within his physical body. These above points prove a certain state of spiritual maturity and at the same time a certain status of his aureole and spiritual body as a necessary prerequisite for total success in practicing Kriya Yoga and Kriya Pranayama. It is the causal body that subsists all physical reincarnations and stores all its information and karma. The human aura contains dozens of levels with different energies within. All our fears , anger, desires, emotions, rememberings, ideas, karma plus more are stored in these layers of aura that are part of the “prison of our Divine soul”. All these different parts or facets of our spiritual body are interconnected through the 6 lower main-chakras. Each chakra works multi dimensional and opens into many different aura layers of the mortal. Devotion to God , Love for Supreme Being , opens up the door to divine energy, bliss entering through your soul into your spiritual body – even sanctifying into your physical body and supplying you with health and force. But that is just a side-effect of Kriya Yoga never the purpose of it. If in this constitution of inner Love and God-orientation you start your Kriya Pranayama, with every cycle of Kriya Pranayama, Divine light – often described as AUM or OM – flows into every layer of your spiritual body, thus resolving all of your blockages, fears – freeing your Divine consciousness from all the swarms of disbelieve and dark . Through the grace and mercifulness of our Creator, even your karma can be resolved , as well as the capacity to create new karma. All the layers of former embodiments will be cleaned and then totally dissolved in the fire of Divine God’s love. The vibration of your spiritual body is raising, causing the vibration of your physical body to raise likewise. Until your physical body one day may become a Temple of our heavenly Father , pure enough to withstand the extreme sacred vibration of the Divine. This condition is called a true enlightenment. Once you have reached this state you then most likely will enter in the state of Nirbikalpa Samadhi, a condition of complete God-Union while still having a physical body. In the past this condition has seldom been achieved – even though is is possible for everyone to achieve while having a physical body. In the future more highly evolved souls are incarnating – even now there are many thousands of such souls already on world , waiting to grow up and begin their spiritual missionary work for benefit of this planet. So this condition of repeatable God-Union will be usual one day in the future. Remember: Your soul has always been a Temple of God, but through the repeated and proper practice of Kriya Yoga including Kriya Pranayama as its main-technique, your entire personality, your ego and your physical body and all his metaphysical components likewise will become a Divine Temple of God. The final result is full enlightenment for your soul, radiating Divine Passion and Bliss through all the different layers necessary while physically embodied. There is nothing but the Divine capability of Loving in any situation, any time, any place, whatever you do. A Divine Souls even when using a physical body, always shines Divine Light, Passion and Bliss into the complete surroundings , alleviating the spiritual advancement of the remaining souls, creating a precondition of peace and Love around them. Every human being – you too – is a possible Angel – a sleeping Saint waiting to wake up. Awake from the illusion of God-Separation, feel God’s presence of love in your life. Become aware of your divine truth and be an angel-like being of Passion, a being of Divine Light. A true child of Supreme Being and and learn to feel, think and act accordingly. Endless liberty and Divine Love will be yours.

Music today-plagiarism or authenticity

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Plagiarism can be a bad and unprofessional, musical influence is a thing very different. I don`t know what exactly is the line of decency between this two concepts, but I`m pretty sure that we`ll recognize the moment when that line is crossed. Well correct me if I`m wrong, but I haven’t heard any plagiarism that has achieved success as great as the original music . It also refers to the background music.

There are authors which just like to copy/paste of others work, well… can hardly be called authors., there are group of authors who prefer to soak up different influence and to generate music on their own way. Each of us should be on that way, the clear way of originality. We all have our favorite authors, artist, music genres where we feel better, but originality is the most important .

It may be seen from two angles, we could observe that trough artistic view and we can take a look by financial moment . Every heartfelt artist want to leave a big legacy behind him. Authenticity is exactly what is simply counts. For example take The Beatles, brought not only a new sound, but the whole idea of life. Their significance is really great that even today people around the globe with much pleasure paying attention to their music. And from financial point of view , well..take for example The Beatles! -) Certainly it took a great deal of factors which make them so excellent, but in my view, the originality was among thevital things. 

Authenticity is a vital moment for any of the arts. This is what maintains and enhances the arts. In music, authenticity of various authors generated the appearance of countless music genres, whether it’s vocal music or instrumentalsinstrumental music . Thanks to the authors who gave themself and a part of their life concept into their music, music remains to be evolving.

I might add one important point, perhaps the key…nonetheless you’re directly or indirectly affected by some author or artist, you should try to put your authentic expression, because some day your originality may be the only   that can apart you from the other folks .

And at the end, power to the originality !

Setting The Tone Through Positive Affirmations

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These are simply some affirmations you should be saying aloud each day. If you don’t believe these things actually was, then how does one prosper???

Through my learning process (which I continue doing on a daily basis) We have remarked that affirming who you have a positive way changes the way you appear about yourself. It internalizes and produces an electricity which is irresistible to others.

Along with Affirmations comes Visualization…

I see myself taking a walk with nature from the lush island of Saint Lucia. I’m calmly walking because i hear the rustle in the trees and birds sing. I glance over and find out a running stream of natural spring water. As I find myself right infront than it, I stretch my arms out and notice the refreshing touch of the slightly brisk water touch my hands. At that time I gently wash my face and cleanse each of the impurities from the day. I’m renewed! I feel free and that i can now exhale.

This can be a true to life experience I had after i was visiting Saint lucia five years ago. I’m able to remember it clear as day because that vision, that moment is embedded in my mind.

Wouldn’t it be nice so that you can have an experience like that each day?

There exists a common element within all humans in fact it is to feel important, It really is to take a moment, It really is to feel secure. Is there a solution of the daily grind from the hustle to generate a dollar, from living pay check to pay check.

Is There A Way Out? YES There is!

I am aware this because I have found the best way. I have discovered it through self improvement within the last 15 years and I’ve found it via a culture of fantastic everyday people securing their futures and getting in touch with help others secure theirs.

A little while ago I had been employed by $10/hr. Receiving payment and then in this same moment finding myself again broke.

Today I am financially secure. Today We are living. Today I’m emotionally inside the perfect place. Within a few months I am going to moving on the beautiful Island of saint lucia and that i get each year that same feeling because i did five years ago…This time around on a daily basis!

What made the alteration for me personally? Affirming who I am on a daily basis. Visualizing everything I’d like in your life, believing in it with all of my heart, following through, and being aware of opportunities when they were made available to me. I took an opportunity, I took a risk, I said I won’t know unless I aim!

YOU are deserving of likewise! YOU have the qualities to reside in the life you’ve always wanted! YOU have an opportunity now to undertake it!

What exactly will you do? Pass it and wonder “suppose?” or Affirm what you are and what you look for, open that door to opportunity and jump in!?

I really believe within you,

~ Tracy Isidore



closets and closets full of heels

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For women who live a unique attraction for shoes, that&rsquos no news. But, the question remains: how come this happen? Well, there are many of possible answers. The most logical is always that women like to talk with their feet. Or, to put it differently, using shoes. For instance, an attractive heel makes any woman feel empowered and flip-flops tell others that you simply&rsquore on your own break.  

The love affair between women and shoes comes quite a distance. Since children that shoes exercise some type of supernatural magnetism on women. It&rsquos the time when area put on their mother&rsquos shows to feel all adult. Again, why? Because that sends a message on the adults around, a note which says that this litttle lady continues to grow up.

Unfortunately, until several decades ago, this became a communication vehicle that only few meet the expense of and was seen as an luxury and sheer necessity. However, times have changed and, today, great shoes can join in on nearly all woman&rsquos life. They have got turned into a true object of desire, but additionally curious is the fact that shoes in addition have become a code naturally accepted by society and ladies rely on them to convey signals.

Let’s paint a mental picture. We don&rsquot need to be psychologists or anthropologists or any kind of specialist to comprehend that, especially, women shoes speak a distinctive, but simple language. For example, visualize a woman inside a simple black dress wearing red women’s high heel sandals and, then, the identical woman in the same dress, but wearing black ballerinas. Can you see? It&rsquos not that difficult. The 1st woman, the individual who would wear a couple of women’s high heel sandals, would like to attractive and irresistible and then she wants everyone else to know that she feels like that. Another woman also can feel sexy, but she&rsquos keeping that to herself.

Of course, someone could state that a shorter dress or some cleavage could do the same trick. But we are saying no. The reflection of a woman’s personality, her emotional state and just what she wants to mention to others are feelings that stay closer to the ground: to be with her feet. And, so, shoes can express a lot of different personalities: sneakers for that athletic, ballerinas for the artistic, kitty heels for the conservative, crazy shaped shoes for that bold, colourful pumps to the fun and stilettos for that feminine. But, what happens many of these styles have in common: the sensuality of the rearfoot.

And, in the long run, footwear is the simpler thing a woman can buy. The feet will always look good in the pretty couple of heels, without allowing you to notice those unwanted weight, the little breast or the pimple that appeared with your nose. You need to simply chose your number, place them in your feet and they also always fit perfectly, assisting you transmitting to others whom you are and just how you&rsquore feeling in each moment you will ever have.

Getting started Composite Imaging

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While it might consider knowledge and a few work, composite imaging could be a large amount of fun as soon as you’ve got a grasp of it. It could appear poor when you first get started, but with a small practice you are able to achieve some great and wonderfully inventive outcomes. Composite imaging is the technique of using pictures of the subject and a track record separately and then using Photoshop to merge the two pictures into one composite picture. There are many utilizes for this method, but prior to you go out and acquire began do not forget to charge your Nikon EN-EL12 battery.


You’ll need to start with the idea in your head of what you want the completed image to become. Get an idea of the feel and style you want your finished picture to become in and make sure the subject and track record you’re intending to shoot fits it. The topic and track record could already go with each other, or they can be starkly various, the choice is yours, but have an concept ahead of time. Any great composite design should begin with an similarly great concept in advance.


You will then wish to concern yourself with exposure and lighting. This can be a very difficult and important part of making composite images. You will want both pictures to be comparable in these elements otherwise you’ll be spending a very long time in Photoshop obtaining them to match. You are able to soften the distinction to create this component from the process a little simpler. Softer pictures blend better and more effortlessly in Photoshop which is a great plus for beginners to the idea.


It’s very important to always consider your photographs in Raw format. Using the inexpensiveness of storage media nowadays, you should not be concerned about attempting to save space. With your photos in Raw structure, you’ll have an easier time manipulating them in order to get them to mix nicely together. In the event you need to, invest in a bigger storage card if possible.


Now that you’ve received each pictures, transfer them into your pc for the editing process. Use your Raw editor to melt the images by using out just as much distinction as feels correct. This will improve your results as soon as you progress the images to Photoshop and begin combining them.


Consider the edited pictures into Photoshop next. Consider the image of one’s topic and removed it on your own from its track record. You will have many methods to do that so choose the one which suits your photograph very best. Don’t forget to make use of the refine edge manage function to help smooth out the rough edges you may end up with.


Since you have extracted your topic, move it on to your track record image. Use the software resources to regulate colour as well as other attributes to get the 2 to match as best you can.


Whilst challenging, making composite pictures is excellent enjoyable and truly offers you a lot of creativeness. Go out and begin your initial composite images, but don’t forget to cost your EN-EL12 battery up within the charger initial.

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